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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does IDUN Minerals come from?

IDUN Minerals is a Swedish product range, developed in Stockholm. Idun Minerals was launched on the Swedish market in April 2011.

Contains IDUN Minerals products nanoparticles?


Why is the range named IDUN Minerals?

The name Idun comes from the Norse mythology and means “rejuvenating”. Idun was the goddess of beauty and eternal youth goddess. The minerals in IDUN Minerals range provides natural protection against harmful UV rays that can accelerate skin aging while they care for stressed and sensitive skin, thus preserving every woman’s natural beauty.

What makes mineral makeup different from other makeup?

Mineral products have healing and soothing features and is particularly suitable for people with sensitive skin. The minerals also contain natural sun protection and helps prevent aging of the skin. Highly purified mineral makeupgenerally contain no allergens or irritants.

What does IDUN Minerals contain?

IDUN Minerals base products consists of 100% highly purified minerals, including: – Mica (to cover imperfections ) – Iron oxide (provides colour): referred to as the CI number (colour index) – Zinc Oxide (prevents formation of bacteria and contains UV protection) IDUN Minerals products do not contain substance bismuth oxichloride.

What is bismuth oxichloride?

Bismuth oxychloride (bismuth) is a metallic element that is often used in mineral makeup to add shine and lustre to the skin. It also makes a great base for your make up; but it also needs to be “buffed” in pretty hard in the pores to get it to sit there all day, which can irritate the skin. Allergy-prone skin often react very negatively, with annoying itching and redness, when using bismuth. Mineral Cosmetics without bismuth is often a bit more matte in its appearance and gives a more natural look. IDUN Minerals products do not contain bismuth oxychloride.

Why does bismuth have a negative effect on the skin?

When your face gets warm, bismuth can irritate and lead to rashes and allergic reactions. That is a problem for some, especially those who has sensitive skin or a tendency to acne. The fact that one has to “buff” the powder into the pores to get it to stay all day, can also lead to irritation.

Are the products hypo-allergenic?

The researcher and chemist Professor Marie Lodén who has been involved in developing IDUN Minerals has secured all the ingredients in IDUN Minerals products. By highly purifying the minerals we reduce nickel and chromium to be suitable even better for people with allergies and sensitive skin. IDUN Minerals products are specifically tested on people who have got a documented allergy towards nickel, the results show that people with a nickel allergy can use IDUN Minerals without any problems!

Are the products tested on animals?

No, IDUN Minerals products are not tested on animals. The IDUN Minerals brushes consists of taklonbristle (synthetic material) and not of natural bristles.

What is taklon?

IDUN Minerals brushes are made from the finest synthetic, taklon, whose qualities are similar to those of natural bristle. The main difference between taklon and natural bristle is that taklon is softer, non-allergenic and the bristles do not come loose. Natural bristle , unlike taklon bristle, can cause rashes on sensitive skin. Synthetic brushes are also more hygienic than brushes with real hair. Natural hair has an irregular surface where the powder, dead skin cells, bacteria and chemicals easily cumulates and are more difficult to clean. Taklonbristle do not have the same irregular surface, therefore less dirt cumulates and it is easier to keep clean.

Are mineral makeup good for your skin?

Pure mineral makeup, without unnecessary additives, has a calming effect on the skin. IDUN Minerals products does not clog pores but let the skin breathe. The gentle formula has a soothing effect on the skin and a natural sunscreen to help prevent skin aging. The products brakes appearance of fine lines, pigment spots and other visible signs of aging in skin. IDUN Minerals works well on people with sensitive skin.

What does it mean that IDUN Minerals basic products only contain 100% highly purified minerals?

It means that the products have been purified from unwanted content such as microorganisms, chromium and nickel. The products contain no additives such as synthetic dyes, perfume, talc, preservative (for example. parabens) or fillers (for example. bismuth). By using highly purified minerals IDUN Minerals products lets the skin breathe, does not clog the pores, and minimizes the risk of irritation.. Therefore IDUN Minerals can be used even by those with very sensitive skin or a tendency to problem skin- and / or allergy-prone skin.