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DUN mineral concealers are available in three different alternatives. They are IDUN powder concealer, IDUN Duo concealer and IDUN concealer pen.

IDUN Powder Concealer (conceals red areas )- This matte, greenish concealer is perfect conceal redness, rosacea, sunburn and superficial blood vessels.

IDUN Duo concealer (Creamy concealer):it is a blendable creamy concealers that can easily hide small area of imperfections. Using a slightly damp concealer brush (a clean eye shadow brush will do the job just as well) apply concealer of your skin tone to your under eye circles. Use sparingly as the under eye area is very delicate so very light soft strokes are needed paying particular attention to the inner corners of your eyes and blending well.  Use this method to also even out skin tone around the nose and mouth area.

IDUN concealer pen(liquid concealer): This is a liquid concealer that helps to brighten up dark areas.It is perfect to use under the eyes areas.